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Mit 15 Jahren Erfahrung in den Bereichen IT und Servicebereitstellung wurde die Rückkehr an den Arbeitsplatz auf unbestimmte Zeit verschoben, als die zusätzlichen Bedürfnisse ihres zweiten Kindes offensichtlich wurden. Als sie herausfand, dass ihr autistischer Sohn eine 15 Jahre geringere Lebenserwartung hatte als ihre Tochter, war dies ein elektrisierender Moment. Sie konzentriert nun ihre Energie und Erfahrung darauf, Gerechtigkeit für alle Kinder mit zusätzlichen Bedürfnissen zu erreichen. Sie war über 3 Jahre lang Mitglied des Beratungsgremiums für Erwachsene des Kinderkommissars und saß auch in der Beratungsgruppe für Gleichstellung und Inklusion des Swansea City Football Club. Sie ist in der Autismus-Community aktiv und Treuhänderin der Peer-Lead-Swansea-Autismus-Bewegung. Sie ist fest davon überzeugt, dass die koproduktive Zusammenarbeit mit Dienstleistern der wahrscheinlichste Weg ist, wie die Dienste den Bedürfnissen behinderter Kinder und ihrer Familien besser gerecht werden.

Heidi Lythgoe
Ishbel Hansen


Ishbel is a single Parent Carer to her son who was born with complex special needs. She has been his advocate since his birth, co-ordinating his health and well-being requirements with health, education and social services. Ishbel firmly believes that no-one will ever know your child as well as you do.

Ishbel would like to be able to share some of her experience and knowledge with parents who find themselves feeling daunted by what they have to deal with to ensure the best for their child. 

She is passionate about Early Years education and ensuring accessibility to all parks and leisure spaces across Swansea. Ishbel believes that all children have the right to equitable play and wellbeing.


Parent to two adopted children, both with additional needs (ASD, ADHD, ODD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, speech disorder). Chris spent 30 years in senior management positions in the public sector. He now spends most of his time with his family, sharing the parent carer responsibilities with his wife. Chris is also Chair of Governors at a local primary school. He brings great organisational skills, and experience in facilitation, health & safety, people management and finance.

He feels that Transitions between services must be seamless and appropriate to the needs of the individual.

Chris is passionate about Additional Learning Needs, and ensuring children with needs (whatever they may be) are supported appropriately.

Chris Law
Joanann Phillips

Joanann Phillips

Jo’s background includes hairdressing and postal work (post woman). She is a mum of three teenagers, one of whom has complex additional needs that weren’t diagnosed until he became a teenager. Both of her other children have mental health difficulties due to their brother not having the correct support.

Jo is a qualified independent advocate and regularly participates in local authority and government consultations on legislation related to social services, ALN and anything that relates to Carers.  Jo is very passionate about helping to shape services; education, social services and health so that everyone has their needs met in a way that helps them reach their full potential.

She feels very strongly that our adult children must be recognised and supported (“No wrong door”).