A voice and platform at a strategic level, reflecting our diverse community

Giving Value to Your Voice


Our Leadership Team meet monthly to discuss the work we’ve been doing which usually involves lots of meetings with local services such as education, social care and health. At these meetings we take our knowledge and experience of these services as well as those of other parents and ensure they form part of the decisions made. We also divide into sub groups to enable us to work in a greater number of areas one of which is planning events in order to raise our profile locally.

  • We listen to you to hear the view of parent carers.
  • Once we have understood the priorities of our members, we represent these positions to people who make decisions.
  • We have a website where we share successes and issues and we integrate these messages into our work. We also run a number of surveys each year to gather evidence on those areas that are the biggest priorities for our members.
  • We feedback on what we have said and what we have heard.


  • We don’t directly provide services to families. Our primary purpose is not to support parents directly or provide them with services. In fact, we believe this would be a conflict of interest because our role is to be honest about the effectiveness of all services that families use and need. If we are delivering these services, it would compromise our ability to be critical.
  • We are not a support group.
  • We don’t advocate individual cases. We do not take on individual cases. However, we are very interested in individual stories because if we start hearing about families with similar experiences, this often leads to a larger national issue down the line. By listening to anecdotal evidence we are able to highlight issues long before official statistics show a problem.


If you are a parent or carer of a child with additional needs who lives in Swansea you can become a member of the forum. Once you join you’ll receive updates about our activities as well as opportunities to participate, such as being involved in consultations and research projects.

However much or little you choose to get involved you will be helping to make a difference to the services that matter so much to our children. So please add your voice to that of others. The more people we represent, the more our joint voice will be heard by decision makers in our area.