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Foro de padres cuidadores de Swansea

¿Quién es Swansea Parent Carer Forum?

We are a group of volunteer parent carers. Our children are involved with Children’s Services, Adult Services, Education and Health services.

We work with but are independent of the City & County of Swansea, and we want to make sure that services meet the needs of disabled children*, young people, adults and their families.

We believe passionately that working co-productively with Swansea Council and other service providers puts the voice of disabled children* of all ages and their families at the centre of decisions and delivers services that work for our community.

Our vision is for Swansea to be a place where the voices of families are valued and effectively used to achieve an equitable and inclusive quality of life for our children* of all ages.


To co-produce and co-design services that meet the needs of disabled children* of all ages and their families.

To grow, develop and empower our membership to have a strong collective voice and to influence positive change.

To provide a constructive channel of communication between parent carers and strategic partners.



*We recognise that parent carers may be caring for children over the age of 25.

Cual es nuestro proposito?

We are an independent organisation whose purpose is 

To strategically influence change by co-producing services for disabled children*, young people and adults and their families.

To enable disabled children*, young people and adults and their families to have a voice** at the centre of decision making.

To reflect the diversity of our communities.

To take a rights based approach and empower our community.


**Our voice needs to be informed by parents’ and carers’ views and lived experience.

Nuestra visión:
“Swansea es un lugar donde las voces de las familias se valoran y se utilizan de manera eficaz para lograr una calidad de vida equitativa e inclusiva para nuestros niños de todas las edades”.